Posted by Nikki Barnard

The large number of Chinese students studying at western universities is significant and on the rise. As a result, GradConnection has put together a returnee student survey in order to provide insight into the link between Chinese employers and those graduates studying abroad

Commonly referred to as returnee students, Chinese graduates who have completed their tertiary studies overseas are a valued resource to Chinese employers. This is particularly evident from our latest graduate returnee survey set out for Chinese employers. Chinese employers recruit a significant number of graduates each year, a large percentage of which are returnee students.

How many students are we looking at?

Out of the 1.7 million international students studying at universities in Australia, United Kingdom, USA, Canada and New Zealand, 500 000 are from China. That means, globally, 25% of all international students are Chinese.

Where, what and who?

According to The State Council of the People's Republic of China, 80% of those studying abroad choose to come back to China for employment after graduation. Of those returning, 80% have a master’s degree and 10% graduate with a doctorate. Less than 10% walk away with only a bachelor’s degree. Interestingly, more women choose to return as 60% of all returnees are female.

The goal

Due to the significant number of Chinese students studying abroad, our goal is to help international students studying at western institutions increase their employability outcomes. Needless to say, Chinese employers and western universities need to work closely together as they both have a vested interest in these returnee students.

Which universities come out on top?

Based on GradConnection’s graduate returnee survey, when asked what is most important when considering what universities to target overseas, over 56% of Chinese employers said it was because they had successfully hired graduates from that university in the past. Additionally, over 53% said their decision was founded on the quality of education based on league and university ranking tables.

Further, more than 86% of Chinese employers said that they would consider targeting universities that they had not heard of if they knew they had a high number of returnee students eligible to work for their organisation.

Valued and in demand

This survey has further highlighted the already tremendous need to link Chinese returnee students with employers in their home country, a need that is increasing rapidly. Seen by Chinese employers as valuable investments for their organisations, these returnee students have a lot to offer.

Working closely with the leading universities in Australia, the UK, and the USA, GradConnection is on a mission to help fill this gap between international students and Chinese employers.

What we are working on

We have developed a university specific skinned platform for international students. The job board software enables universities to assist their international students while simultaneously providing employers from around the world access to these returnee graduates. If you would like to see the full survey and more information about how to get involved, please contact Dave Jenkins ([email protected]).


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