Graduate Program 2019


As you come on board, you will be in the company of other graduates assigned to different businesses, each with their own unique skills and abilities. Cognizant’s culture is highly collaborative, and the potential for working together on cross-functional or cross-business projects is very high. Cognizant’s graduate training program prepares aspiring, capable and qualified individuals to work and thrive in a rapidly changing, technology-driven world. Delivered by a team committed to developing leaders of tomorrow, our graduate training program equips you with the skills sought by industry leaders so that you can take our clients’ businesses forward. The ability to navigate a dynamic environment, being people-oriented, and having a passion for tech and learning are key factors for success.

Based on your interests and capabilities and following prerequisite basic onboarding, you will be assigned to one of our businesses. This means that you can immediately build on your existing niche skills and develop business-specific ones for a career in Cognizant.

Cognizant’s vision is to build an ecosystem powered by like-minded yet unique individuals gunning for career results and supporting one another in their own personal development and networking. You will personally experience the support of our leaders who are key to realizing this vision.


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