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Taxi Hailing Service

DIDI's Taxi Hailing Service has revolutionized the traditional method of taxi-hailing on the street. Through DIDI, passengers are able to get a taxi ride more easily. Passengers just need to send a ride request through DIDI's APP and a taxi will pick up the passengers no matter where they are. DIDI's Taxi Hailing Service also helps taxi drivers improve their income by increasing the number of their rides and reducing their idle time. Didi is also working with taxi companies and the government in order to upgrade the taxi industry to provide passengers with better service. DIDI's Taxi Hailing Service is the largest mobile taxi hailing platform in China, with more than 1.5 million registered taxi drivers.

Launched in January 2015, DIDI's Enterprise Solutions are offered to corporations to meet the travel needs for their businesses.

Enterprise Solutions

With Enterprise Solutions, corporations can provide transportation services to their clients or employees. Enterprise Solutions can significantly improve the efficiency of corporate travel reimbursement procedures by connecting seamlessly with corporate accounts. As of today, there are more than 3,000 corporate clients that use DIDI's Enterprise Solutions.

滴滴出行研究院 滴滴出行全新创新性研究机构,研究方向包括:机器学习、计算机视觉、人工 智能、数据挖掘、最优化理论、分布式计算等;致力于通过机器学习理论和方 法,最大化利用交通运力,缓解城市拥堵,为每一位用户设计最贴心最智能的 出行方案。与业务线紧密结合,每一项研究成果都能以最快的速度应用到相应 的产品上,给千万用户带去便捷。


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