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John Holland

Health and Safety

Everybody who works with us has the right to go home safely. There is nothing more important. There is no project or deadline that will ever be more important than getting our people home safe. Our experience, and that of the wider industry, tells us that injury exposure comes from a consistent set of high risk activities that have the potential to cause harm. That is why we developed our Global Mandatory Requirements (GMRs). The GMRs are evidence- based requirements that set the minimum standard required for our workplaces when planning, managing and undertaking these high-risk activities.


Our communities of the future are what we make them, and John Holland is proud to lead by example to ensure we help cities and towns become more productive, sustainable, liveable and inclusive. Our goals guide how the business develops and executes its activities over the next ten years and beyond - to create a more sustainable future for everyone.


Preserving our environment for future generations is a focus of all our projects. To enhance our communities, we have to lead in environmental management.

Every project is unique, and every community deserves a future that is better than its past. We proactively identify and manage environmental risks, and we take every opportunity to use our projects to ensure the safety of local ecosystems. This is expected of our people and our subcontractors, and we work to build sustainably and efficiently.


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