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Legal Internship

The Programme

路博润公司隶属伯克希尔哈撒韦公司旗下,是一家以市场为导向的全球性公司。 我们负责组合复杂的特种化学品以优化客户产品的质量、性能与价值,同时减少客户产品对环境的影响。 我们知道,对于大多数人而言,路博润不是一个家喻户晓的品牌名称。 因为您可能会惊诧地发现我们的产品和技术实际就在您日常使用的物品中,例如驾驶车辆的表面涂层与各种润滑液、您使用的洗发水和香皂、您服用的药物、您穿戴的衣服、您家中的电子设备与管道系统。


  • Independently update and maintain AP Legal Sharepoint 独立负责更新和维护亚太法律数据平台
  • Conduct legal research on various legal topics and write legal memos 法律信息检索和撰写法务备忘录
  • Collect documents/information from internal department and independently responsible for document filing including ( e-filing and paper filing) 从部门内部收集文件或信息,并独立负责法律文件归档
  • Contract management: support in contract drafting, translate/proof read translation bilingual contracts, review template agreements and other contracts under the supervision 同管理:协助草拟合同, 翻译/校对双语合同,在指导下审核模版合同和其他合同
  • Coordinate meetings and take minutes 安排会议和记录会议纪要
  • Prepare presentations and regular reports 准备演讲稿和日常报告
  • Coordinate events and communication with other departments 与其他部门直接沟通协调相关项目
  • Other ad-hoc assignment by Director of Legal Affairs and other senior lawyers 完成法务总监和高级法务顾问指派的其他相关事务

Required Skills and Abilities

  • Postgraduate student (prefer the 2nd year student) majored in law 法律系研究生(最好是研二学生)
  • Passed China Bar Exam 通过中国司法考试
  • Excellent oral and written English 流利的英语口语和书写
  • Skilled in MS office (Excel, Word and PowerPoint) 熟练掌握office办公软件,(Excel, Word and PowerPoint)等
  • Good interpersonal skills and collaborative mindset 良好的人际关系和协作心态
  • A willingness to learn and work hard 较强的学习能力并努力工作
  • Proactive working attitude and good teamwork spirit 积极主动的工作态度和良好的团队合作精神
  • Good time management and result-oriented 良好的时间管理并注重成效;
  • Be able to work at least 3 days a week 每周至少工作3天
  • Job type:Internships
  • Disciplines:


  • Citizenships:

  • Locations:

    Shanghai (China)

  • Closing Date:16th Feb 2019, 6:00 pm


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