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The most game-changing companies, consumers, professionals, and governments come to us for the technologies and solutions they need to capture, preserve, access, and transform their data. 
But we can’t do it alone. Today's data challenges require your exceptional skills. It’s You & Us. Together, we’re the next big thing in data. 


  • You will work as an assembly process integration engineer inside packaging engineering group. Leads new product development from concept design to qualification and eventually transfer to mass production. Create new product ideas and Make ideas into real products. 就职于封装研发部,负责新产品的封装工艺整合。此职位的工程师将涉及新产品开发多方面的工作,带领一个产品从概念设计开始,到可靠性评估,最终导入大规模量产。你将有机会创造新产品的想法,并把这些想法变为真实的产品 
  • Work closely with global functional teams in US, Indian, and Israel, align new product packaging requirements and synchronize development status in weekly meeting. 在产品计划阶段,此职位的工程师将与美国、印度、以色列的研发部门紧密合作,进行新产品可行性研究,制作各种无功能样品验证不同的设计方案 
  • Work cross functionally with local package R&D and factory teams, review package feasibility drawings, assess technical risks, evaluate DFM (design for manufacturing), conduct cost analysis, run mechanical simulations, perform assembly process characterizations, and deliver most optimized design in terms of manufacturability, yield and quality. 在产品开发前期,此职位的工程师将与上海内部的各个部门紧密合作,通过有功能样品的制作进一步确认设计方案,同时做成本分析,进行机械应力和电学性能模拟,保证最终的设计方案既能满足良率、质量,又能兼顾生产制造的各种要求 
  • Execute package qualification plan, follow up package reliability status, investigate and close failures on time. Monitor assembly and test yield on engineering/customer sample and low volume production builds. Drive yield improvement and manage excursions. 在产品开发中期,此职位的工程师负责封装可靠性的评估,追踪可靠性计划和结果,当出现失效时调查原因给出解决方案。此职位的工程师也负责追踪样品和小规模量产的良率,处理异常,给出提升良率的方案 
  • Lead new product low volume to high volume production transition; make sure yield and quality meet goal. Ensure FMEA, assembly process control plan, recipe guideline, and other assembly controls ready prior to high volume production. 在产品开发后期,此职位的工程师负责小规模到大规模量产的转换,保证产品在大规模量产后也能达到一致的良率和质量。与各个部门协调,更新各种文件,保证重要制成参数都在管控范围之内
  • Lead new packaging technology transition (new wafer tech/process/material) from engineering stage up to volume production. 此职位的工程师还负责新封装技术(包括新制程/新材料/新晶圆)从工程阶段到量产实际应用阶段的转换 

Required Skills and Abilities

  •  M.S. or Ph.D in Material Science, Mechanical Engineering or other related fields. 硕士或博士毕业生,专业包括但不限于材料科学、机械等相关专业 
  • Ability to troubleshoot and analyze complex problems. 思路条理清晰,善于分析复杂的问题 
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills. 优秀的英语沟通能力 
  • Self-motivated and self-directed. 能够自我激励,在没有指导的情况下也可以有条不紊的工作 
  • Ability to work with cross-functional teams in a dynamic environment. 可以适应不断变化工作环境,乐于与跨部门的同事合作 
  • Hard working, and able to work under high pressure. 工作勤奋努力,能够承受较高的压力 
  • Strong interest in semiconductor and consumer electronics. 对半导体芯片产业和消费电子产品有强烈的兴趣 
  • Good to have basic programming skills such as python, C and Java. 掌握基本的编程语言如python, C和Java 
Closed 2 months ago
Closed 2 months ago
  • Job type:Graduate Jobs
  • Disciplines:

    Engineering Mechanical

  • Citizenships:

  • Locations:

    Shanghai (China)

  • Closing Date:4th Jun 2022, 6:00 pm


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