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Dear Sir/Madam,\n\nI wish to apply for this job role as I believe that my energetic character and relevant academic/work experience make me a strong candidate for this position. \n\nIt is important to me that my job is business and customer oriented and challenges me to grow as an individual and as an aspiring entrepreneur. I firmly believe that this graduate scheme can fulfil this for me and, more importantly, I believe that is a position in which I can excel. I am a very outgoing and driven individual who is passionate about enterprise, especially the marketing and financial aspects of a business. I will graduate from Leeds University Business School this December with a Distinction in MSc Enterprise. Whilst I was able to develop many skills and gain an understanding in business throughout my undergraduate degree in Business Management including my creative and critical thinking, I embarked on this further year of study in order to gain a more in-depth and invaluable business acumen. The course included many relevant business modules including Innovation, Marketing, New Venture Creation, Accounting and Social Enterprise. LUBS\u2019 close relationship with SMEs was a huge asset to the course as it allowed me to study business in practice as well as in theory.\n\nOne of my modules in my masters degree gave me the chance to act as a consultant in order to help an app based loyalty firm to successfully enter the market. As this was a new market for me, I had to gather relevant market data from businesses as well as identify latest customer trends in order to understand the current environment. I really enjoyed gathering data, and making sense out of large data gave me a real sense of satisfaction. I enjoy problem solving and pushing and challenging myself. I believe I have an analytical mind which looks to find sense and identify patterns in what others would deemed chaotic information. \n\nIntellectually I believe that my undergraduate degree in Business Management has furnished me with a highly analytical mind and the ability to think critically and work independently, as well as give me a foundation of understanding the business world. Additionally, my MSc in Enterprise has furnished me with the ability to think logically and work methodically, whilst sometimes juggling several group projects at once. Throughout my year at Leeds I have worked with students from various cultures and nationalities. The international diversity of the course has been a huge benefit; not only do I now have a network of friends and colleagues from all over the world but I\u2019ve also gained experience of cross cultural communication and management. I have a proven track record of working well in a team on group assignments. \n\nI have had several customer facing jobs in the retail industry around and throughout my undergraduate degree. My success in all of these jobs demonstrates my ability to work efficiently under pressure (whilst sometimes dealing with difficult clients). I have excellent communication and personal skills and feel that my enthusiastic personality makes me naturally suited to be an important member of the team. Finally, my entrepreneurial mind-set and lateral thinking welcomes the idea of problems and issues, as I love the challenge and satisfaction of overcoming them. \n\nI\u2019m a very active person. I like to keep fit and attend the gym regularly. Football is my big passion but my sporting interests range from cricket and tennis to swimming and I\u2019m always keen to try new things; I recently took up boxing whilst at Leeds University.\n\nThank you for considering my application and I look forward to hearing from you.\n\nYours sincerely, \n\nAbdullah Choudhury\n


University of Leeds
  • Business and commerce
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