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I have spent five years in university, from college to post-graduate, cultivating my skills and passion in interpreting and translating as a practical approach to fulfilling my childhood dream of being a diplomat or simply being engaged in diplomacy. \n In university, aside from receiving or taking essential training and courses in interpreting and translating with my academic scores always among the highest and me receiving consecutively four scholarships as the credentials for my excellent mastery of knowledge that stretches from sociology, economics, linguistics and natural sciences, I also actively participated in events that required the skills of interpretation or translation, for instance, I participated in the first Model United Nations of Tianjin Municipality in 2009 in which I served both as a member on the delegation of Italy and the representative of all students delegates involved by giving an opening remark at the opening ceremony with the attendance of the Under-Secretary of United Nations and Executive Director of UNAIDS Mr. Michel Sidib\u00e9. The participation enabled me not only to have a better knowledge of international affairs and the rules and procedures of the UN, but also to grasp the essence of diplomatic negotiation-the art of compromising. All consultations, negotiations, debates and resolution drafting at the conference were conducted either in English or Chinese, which required me to master a skilful technique of interpreting and translating with my achievements recognised by Mr. Sidib\u00e9 himself and me being awarded \u201cPrize for Best Speaker\u201d by the organising committee. I have also focused on other aspects such as social skills and professional accreditations. Memberships in societies like the Students\u2019 Union helped to boost my sense of responsibility and to nurture other essential qualities including integrity, credibility, courtesy and reliability. In terms of professional accreditations, I took the National Accreditation Examinations for Translators and Interpreters (NAETI), jointly organised by the National Education Examination Authority of the Ministry of Education of China and Beijing Foreign Studies University and obtained with excellent results the Certificate of English Translation: Level II and Certificate of English Consecutive Interpretation: Level II, with Level I being the highest. Moreover, I have participated in various sorts of interpreting or translating contests with good turnout and awards.\n As my education proceeded with my passion in international affairs more intense and my skills in translating and interpreting progressing, I decided to further my education in interpreting and translation. Since I graduated from college summa cum laude, I was admitted to the post-graduate programme of Conference Interpreting and Translation Studies (MACITS) of the University of Leeds, where I received one year intensive training in consecutive and simultaneous interpreting and translating, and at the same time I started to consider interpreting and translating as my career as an endeavour, motivation, as well as commitment to contribution through eliminating language barriers and promoting exchanges and enhancing mutual understandings between cultures and peoples. I am aware that you only employs the most professional interpreters and translators and I still have a lot to learn and improve, but I am convinced that the your company is the place for me to apply what I have learned to professional practice and to aspire to new achievements.\n With the advantages and merits that I display above and the potentials that I have yet to discover in myself, I sincerely hope that I could be considered favourably as a candidate.


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